A bean above the rest

ethically sourced with care

We source only the best beans from all around the world, from the strong aromatic beans of Columbia to the creamy flavoured beans of Burundi. Whether green or roasted, our beans are of the best quality and in perfect condition, ensuring consistency with each cup of coffee brewed.

Our beans are ethically sourced and we participate in direct trade.

Direct trade is a form of sourcing coffee, referring to direct sourcing from farmers. This form of trade promotes direct communication and price negotiation between buyer and farmer, along with systems that encourage and incentivise quality. This practice is all about respect, quality and relationships. Coffee buyers travel the world to find the best coffee from reputable farms in the most sustainable manner and work directly with the farmer to purchase the coffee. This way the farmer is empowered while the consumer gets the best cup, ethically.

We pride ourselves in sourcing responsibly and have certifications for traceability, quality and origin.

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