We offer all the equipment you need to create the perfect cup of coffee – from our premium range of espresso machines to mocca pots to cups. We have machines suited for the busy commercial and industrial industry, hospitality industry and home or office.

The brands we sell are of a superior quality and beautifully designed. Our equipment is imported from the top manufacturers in Europe, ensuring durability, low maintenance and high functionality.

La Marzocco

has a world renowned reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines with great attention to detail. In 1939, it was La Marzocco that developed and patented the first coffee machine with a horizontal boiler, now an industry standard. This was the first of a series of important innovations, later to include the dual- boiler system with saturated brewing groups.

Tradition and a passion in the search for quality and superior reliability are factors which have always distinguished and interested the entire company. Even today, highly specialized personnel still supervise each stage in the production of every single machine and all are hand-crafted.


is a historic brand in the Italian tradition of professional espresso machines. Since 1969, it has been owned by the Dal Tio family and a long period of growth has led Astoria to represent the excellence in quality of espresso coffee machines. Astoria “Think Espresso”, because they aspire to the perfect espresso, as do all the baristas around the world who choose their machines. Expanding the culture of espresso coffee around the world above all means respecting and paying careful attention to different customs and cultures of consumers in other countries. La Marzocco is more than a name; it is the beginning of a conversation.

Rocket Espresso

is the epitome of Quality, innovation and craftsmanship for those passionate about producing the finest espresso possible. Rocket delivers a premium domestic espresso machine that is the equal of any commercial espresso machine.


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