Queen Double Tower

Is a quick easy to use urn brewer with tea water outlet. With its high capacity and ease of use, it also makes coffee easy to serve at really large events.
It brews coffee directly into 5 litre serving stations (thermoses) which have unique temperature retention. The temperature only falls one degree Celsius per hour. The serving stations have a practical tap, level indication tube and integrated carrying handle for simple handling. Lift the serving station off the brewer and put it wherever you want to serve the coffee. Quick and easy. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma.
All models have automatic water filling, digital display, full and half brewing function, and signal when the coffee is ready. The double models can brew coffee on both sides at the same time. The tea water outlet on the brewer has almost unlimited capacity. One serving station is included with Single Tower and two serving stations are included with Tower.

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